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For world travelers, expats and international students who need vaccinations and consultations

Shinagawa East clinic is located on the second floor of B building, one of Shinagawa Intercity buildings in Konan, Minato-ku. The clinic has been providing service mainly focused on internal medicine, ophthalmology, and annual physical examination.

In addition to those services, for world travelers, expats, and international students, doctors at the clinic provide various vaccines, medical certificates (written in English or Japanese), physicals before travel, consultations regarding meals and diet abroad, and regular prescriptions as well as medications for infectious diseases abroad.

We nowadays attend world preventive medicine conferences and exchange opinions with doctors abroad in active manner so that we are able to provide updated and accurate advic.

Fee for vaccinations

Vaccinations are not covered by insurance. Please feel free to ask the cost of each vaccination.? A consultation fee is 2835 yen. (The first visit always needs a consultation.).

Regarding providing a certificate for vaccinations

Free. We write your record of vaccinations on International certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis which is approved by WHO. Please ask if needed.

Instructions on being vaccinated

It is advised to be vaccinated when you are not having cold. You get your symptoms worsened or accompanied with side effects by being vaccinated when you have cold or fever.
Please ask yourself if you have following conditions:

  1. Are you having cold?
  2. Are you taking any medications including over the counter medications (excluding vitamin pills)?
  3. For female: Are you currently pregnant or trying to be pregnant?

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