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Travel Clinic, Vaccinations

Shinagawa East Medical Clinic provides vaccinations to adults as re-vaccination prior to start working and traveling to foreign countries, studying abroad, etc. Staff members actively attend international meetings and are educated with new information.

Our clinic also offers consultation for proper vaccinations (type of vaccine, timing), and pre/post-trip medical check-up.

We also issue various certificates written in English. If you have concerns about your health during your trip, we can write necessary information to the medical authorities.

Three main services of travel clinic at Shinagawa East Medical Clinic
1.Vaccination plans best suited to your needs. 2.Pre-and Post-travel medical check up. 3.Various medical certificate written in English.

We carry the following vaccines:

Vaccines obtained domestically in Japan

Hepatitis A first   2nd           3rd
Hepatitis B first       2nd         3rd      
Tetanus first     2nd     3rd  
Japanese encephalitis first 2nd             3rd    
Rabies first       2nd           3rd    
DT diphtheria/tetanus first     2nd     3rd  
(diphtheria/ pertussis/tetanus)
first     2nd     3rd  
(tetanus/diphtheria/ pertussis)
first     2nd     3rd  
Rubella (German measles) first                          
Measles first                          
MR (Rubella/Measles) first                          
Mumps first                          
Varicella (Chicken pox) first                          
Pneumococcal pneumonia first                          
Influenza first                          

Imported vaccines

Typhoid fever vaccination:1 time
Tick-born encephalitis vaccination:3 times
(2nd:1-3months later, 3rd:9-12months from 1st time.)
Meningitis quadrivalent
(Mencevax, Menactra, Nimenrix)
vaccination:1 time
Tdap(Tetanus/diphtheria/ pertussis for adult) Tetanus/diphtheria/ pertussis for adult
Polio (IPV)  
MMR measles/mumps/ rubella
MMRV measles/mumps/ rubella / Varicella
Rabies vaccination:3 times(0、7、28days) 
※Urgent vaccination:0、7、21days
Hepatitis A B combined vaccine vaccination:3 times
Hepatitis A and B combined vaccine
Hepatitis A(Havrix / Avaxim) vaccination:1 time
Hepatitis B(Engerix-B) vaccination:3 times
Japanese encephalitis (IXIARO) vaccination:3 times
Cholera(DUKORAL, Shanchol)  


Antimalaris chemoprophylaxis Mefloquine, Malaron,
Vibramycin (Doxycycline)
Medications for high altitude sickness  
Medications for sea-sickness  

Quarantine station

yellow ferver vaccination:1 time 
☆Available only at Quarantine station

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About Our Travel Clinic services

  1. Certificate of vaccinations in English/Japanese
  2. Provide overseas medical information
  3. Pre- & post-travel medical check up
  4. Prophylactic prescription of drug (Malaria)
  5. Prophylactic prescription of drug (Mountain sickness)
  6. Antibody tests 
  7. Support of issuing various visas
  8. HIV-infection test
  9. Medical certificate in English
  10. Translation service (maternity passbook etc)
  11. Translation service (medical certificate issued by another medical institute, certificate of gynecological medical check etc)
  12. Hold seminars to various enterprises
  13. Referral to medical specialists
  14. Sales of travel goods
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Our doctors

Takeshi Fujii, M.D., D.M.Sc.

Former Professor, Hachioji Medical Center of Tokyo Medical University.

Travel Medicine Consultant
Hiroyoshi Endo, MD, MPH, PhD

Former Director, WHO Department of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Travel Medicine Consultant
Hiroshi Kamaya, M.D.

Professor, University of Utah
Medical School, Dept. of Anesthesiology
Veterans Administration Salt Lake City Health Care System
Board Certified: ABA, AAMA, ISTM

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How to make an appointment

Call us for vaccination

please let us know that the date and which vaccinations you would like to have. We will keep them for you.
Visit to the travel clinic

On the day of your appointment:
Please visit us during the clinic opening hours.
After the consultation with our doctor you will get vaccinated.
Preventive drugs will be prescribed by the doctor after the consultation.
Appointment is for keeping vaccines of your request.
Walk-in vaccinations are available but we recommend calling us to check availability.

Phone number: 03-5783-5521
Open hour:
AM Mon/Tus/Wed/Thu/Fri 10:30〜14:00
※Start from 11:00〜
※Please come to the clinic until 13:30, if it's a first visit
PM Mon/Tus/Wed/Thu/Fri 15:15〜18:30
※Start from 15:30〜
※Please come to the clinic until 18:00, if it's a first visit.

※Close - Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays

※Following credit cards are accepted only the travel clinic and medical cards are accepted only the travel clinic and medical examination.

Next time for vaccine

We will tell you when to return for the next vaccine.
If you are unable to keep appointments please call us to set the date for the next visit and let us know which vaccines you need.

After the second visit, we will give you the certificate of vaccination approved by WHO.

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